​Health and Dental Benefits

Sun Life Health Coverage Choice
Douglas Breard is an active Advisor with Sun Life and he can provide a customized plan for your family.
​Health Coverage Choice has 5 different plans and is an ideal solution for those leaving a group benefits plan, clients who are retiring, have recently been laid off (plant closure) or are leaving a job to start their own business. Provides affordable coverage for day-to-day health expenses and unexpected medical emergencies that aren't covered by provincial plans. Dental benefits are optional on some plans.
​Being your Sun Life Advisor, I can provide you with this benefit and no medical information is required.

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Manulife Flexcare
​Douglas Breard is an active Advisor with Manulife and he can provide a customized Flexcare® plan for your family.
​You can select from 7 different plans which includes Core plans that provides dental coverage, drug coverage or a combination of both. Also available are Health plans to provide extended health care, prescription drug benefits and Travel protection which provides your family with either 15 or 30 days of emergency medical Travel insurance.

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Manulife Flexcare®

The ComboPlus Starter plan does not require medical underwriting.

Prescription Drugs--70% of the first $750 of eligible prescription costs (including the shared dispensing fee) to a maximum of $525 in coverage per person per anniversary year.

Dental--70% payment for fillings, cleanings, scalings, examinations, and polishing on the first $575 of these services - to a maximum of $400 in coverage per person per anniversary year.

Vision--$150 maximum per person per 2 consecutive benefit years to cover the costs towards prescription lenses, frames, contact lenses and laser eye surgery.

Extended Health Care-- Chiropractor, Chiropodist, Osteopath, Naturopath, Podiatrist, Registered Massage Therapist, Acupuncturist, Chiropractic X-ray, Psychologist or Psychotherapist, Physiotherapist, Homecare and Nursing, Prosthetic Appliances, Durable Medical Equipment. Also, Custom-made Orthotics, Speech Pathologist/Therapist, Ambulance and Hearing Aids.

Travel--$5,000,000 emergency health coverage per person for trips lasting a maximum of 9 days. Additional coverage for either 8 or 21 days can be purchased as an Add-On.ragraph here.